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The palinka distillery

Like most foods, alcoholic beverages too used to be produced in the household. In valley settlements, where the climate and soil were adequate for vineyards, wine was produced in particular. Hilly areas, however, were not favorable for viticulture, the terrains resulted from deforestation being more adequate for cultivating fruit trees. The most frequent trees were plum trees, apple trees, pear trees, and cherry trees. Some of the fruits obtained were kept for winter, while others were commercialized in the neighboring markets or fairs, while most of the fruit was used for producing palinka. Plum, apple, and pear palinka was produced, but the most famous and typical one to the Plopiș Mountains area was the palinka made of cherries, the wild cherry trees being very widespread on the Plopiș Mountains plateau.

Palinka production has been a more than two-century-old tradition for the Slovak community in Șinteu. Palinka was and remains to this day the typical beverage during major events of family life (baptism, wedding, funeral), as well as of community life, being offered during village balls, local celebrations, and other events.

Palinka is an alcoholic beverage exclusively produced from the fermenting and distillation of fleshy fruits or of a fruit mix. The first step in producing a high-quality palinka is choosing the raw material. The fruits must be harvested and processed only during optimal periods, so they don’t lose their flavor. After harvest, the pits are removed, and the fruits are crushed. They are then left to ferment, to obtain the so-called pulp. Once it reaches the desired fermentation level, the distillation process comes next, by boiling the pulp in a special cauldron. The result is a product reflecting the bitter perfume and taste of fruits. The following step is sieving and bottling the palinka. An important aspect is the strict adherence to the necessary conditions for the storage and maturing of the palinka. The best palinka producers will strive to obtain the perfect beverage, savory and fragrant, which should be drunk with pleasure and bring joy to the guests’ tables. From palinka, in combination with different fruit varieties, one can prepare liquors and other derived products, which are characterized by their unmistakable fruity scent, intensity, elegance, and vitality.

In the Huta Slavia palinka distillery, you will discover a space presenting the entire process of obtaining palinka, from the preparation of the fruit pulp to the fermentation, distillation and bottling processes. You have the opportunity to try out the locally produced palinka, which will surely delight you!

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