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You are at the point with the highest altitude within the Huta Slavia perimeter. Before your eyes, vast views unfold, which lure your gaze and invite you to discover them.

Not very far away, the neighboring settlements can be spotted, guarded by churches whose towers rise to the blue sky. The churches, built here by the first generations of colonists, gathered the congregants to mass with the sound of the church bells. And, since we’re talking about huge stretches of land on which the population was dispersed and of a too high distance between inhabited houses, it is necessary that we mention that people built several bell towers, so that the sound of the church bell could be heard without problems, wherever you were.

During those times, the bell had a special significance. Its sound was obviously associated with faith, with the call to church. At the same time, it was used for announcing the death of a person or for alerting the population in case of danger. It was, therefore, present at all important events in traditional life, becoming a symbol of the rural space.

In a more distant plane, on a sunny day, towards the East you will distinguish the Șimleu Depression and the Meseș Mountains, whose line continues further in the SE direction with the Pădurea Craiului Mountains. Afterwards, looking towards the southwest, you will notice the Văratec Peak (755,9 m), where the Bistra river springs. In the most distant plane, one can even spot the Vlădeasa Peak (1836 m), from the Vlădeasa Mountains.

And at the base of the tower where you find yourself, the Huta Slavia complex stretches out. From this point, you can see some of the attractions on our trail, while, in the background, you will notice the sprawled-out houses of Șinteu.

The splendid views delight your eye and make you, at least for a few moments, want to feel in harmony with the charm of the place, with the beauty of nature. Pious, you let your soul fill up with the sound of the church bells around, and then your return home recharged, grateful for the beauty of the places you have discovered: boundless stretches of snow and ice during the winter, an explosion of greenery and flowering trees in spring, the dark green of the dense forest, waiting for you to discover its coolness in the torrid summer days, or the spectacle of fog and fiery colors that settle on the entire expanse, with the arrival of fall.

We are in love with this place in any season and we invite you to discover it as well, explore it and forget, at least for a few hours, about any stress or tension from daily life.

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