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Discover the Slovakian hospitality of Sinteu.


Șinteul, a town beautifully spread out on the peaks of the Šes Mountains, created by the descendants of Slovaks from the Tatra Mountains, welcomes you to Huta Slavia with the natural Slovak hospitality of a mountain village. Here you will find a traditional resting place where it is good for any hiker to linger at least for an hour to catch his breath. At Huta Slavia, the atmosphere is archaic, cheerful, welcoming, warm, as is actually the order of traditional nature. The dishes, many of them specifically Slovak made from potatoes, follow the old recipes of the place and are prepared from fresh ingredients from the area. Savory pies, delicious papanas, wild cherry palinka, good wine and Slovak beer fully justifies the Slovak name of Huta Slavia: a stopping place where there is celebration and good cheer every time hikers cross the threshold of the inn in Şinteu.

Everything organic and local

Vegetables fresh from the family and from the locals.

Fruits fresh from the village orchards

Trout from the lake itself

Meat from the local boar and bison farm

Slovak hospitality and authentic gastronomy

Here you will find Slovak gastronomy and tradition in its purest form and in the most authentic and wonderful landscape. In a word, a glass of wild cherry palinca, a hribovita soup and a potato Podleasneac.

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In the footsteps of the Slovaks

Tourist attractions

Discover and follow the story of the Slovaks from Huta, a tourist route where you will find the whole history of the Slovaks from Şinteu, for 250 years. You will discover creative workshops, the water mill, the glass museum, blacksmith shop, palincarie, the story of the ear of rye (batoza), as well as the history of the first glass factory in Romania.

Şinteu, 417550, Bihor, Romania

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Open daily

08:00 - 22:00

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Contact and reservation

+40 770 441 421

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