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About us

Hotel Restaurant Slavia **** is a family business managed by the Iabloncsik family, with almost 25 years of experience in the HORECA field, a guest house with a romantic architecture, located in one of the most beautiful and sought-after locations in the area: the historic center of the Municipality of Salonta, in the immediate neighborhood of the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovakia.


Slavia is a story-telling place, located at the intersection of two charming cultures: the Romanian and the Slovak. Countless preparations on our menu are based on authentic recipes, some hundreds of years old, taken from the heart of Slovakia and brought with drag to the Romanian land. We only work with fresh ingredients and love everything local. That's why, whenever possible, we source from the market or from the surrounding peasants. We invite you to discover a whole world of tastes and enjoy the moments spent here, in a place where time seems to pass more slowly and the flavors remain deeply imprinted in the soul.

Authentic recipes

We believe in the importance of using ingredients procured from safe sources, from own production, from family and from traditional locals who offer us everything grown with love, fresh. We are proud to be so close to the bison farm in Salonta, the largest of its kind in Europe.

Vegetarian and Vegan options

We believe in the freshness and diversity of Slavia's salads, combined with recipes that will impress any vegetarian or vegan, such as grated potato pie and salt (Rosti).

Specialty coffee

Because we are constantly concerned with improving the services offered, our guests can treat themselves to coffee from

specialty. We prepared together with the Street Coffee Roasters team to extract the best from the coffee beans.

Organization of Events

In a romantic atmosphere, with a warm and friendly staff, we ensure the serving of Romanian and Slovak gastronomic specialties, in a relaxing, intimate and select setting.

Through the Slavia app available in App Store and Google Play. Each order earns you loyalty points, which

can be used to pay for future orders. The application allows you to reserve a table in the restaurant.

Home delivery or pick-up

What delicacies do you surprise your guests with? Download the Slavia application, order the dishes you want and enjoy a successful event.


To whet your appetite until one after the other!


A delicious mix of ingredients that satisfy both hunger and appetite.


An excellent reason to stop off the road and take a break in Salonta, in Slaviași why not, a visit to the bison farm, the largest in Europe - 2,000 hectares.


For some of us, the little joys stay the same.


When it's hard to decide what to choose, in the Traditional Slovak Mix we put a little bit of 4 must-try dishes if you pass by

at our place.

Dinner plans? Even if you don't have anything ready, the solution may be just a phone call away.

Do you prefer a reservation or better we come to you?

0359 445 222

0745 636 252


Str. December 1 no. 7, Salonta, Bihor, Romania

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Work program

Monday Friday

08:00 - 23:00


Until 16:00

We deliver daily to your location

0745 636 252

The Book of Records - The biggest goulash in the world at Salonta

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